Teachers' Feelings Thank Our Opponents

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  A few days ago, I knew such a piece of information on TV: A great ceremony about our national ball, ping-pong appeared on Hunan TV. It told us that there was an unusual match between Wang Tao and Jan-Ove Waldner(瓦尔德内尔) 12 years ago. That time, the Chinese National Table Tennis Team was lucky to win the championship. Of course, it wasn't easy to win it.
  Now, maybe you will ask why the Chinese team is so strong. Because we have such strong opponents. Thus I realize that only if our opponents are strong, we'll be stronger. China was very poor in the past, but some western countries were very rich and strong. So our Chinese made a hard living without enough food and clothes, and also Japan, such a small country, often attacked us with some developed weapons, such as guns, planes, tanks and so on.
  Nowadays, China is so big and strong that other countries don't dare to attack us. If we didn't make a hard and oppressed living in the past, maybe China didn't develop so fast. Do you think so? In fact, in the real life, isn't it like so? So long as we have strong opponents, we can make a big progress in different fields. Do you agree with me?
  Class 5, Junior 2