I have a dream

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  When I grow up, I will move somewhere interesting. Shenzhen sounds like a good city that I could enjoy. Because Shenzhen is a special economic zone. There are lots of large-scale enterprise. I am going to set up my own enterprise in Shenzhen. So how am I going to do that?
  First, I have to finish my middle school. Then I'm going to major in the economic management in the university and get the Master and Doctoral Degrees. Next, I am going to find a part-time job for three or four years and save some money. After that, I will set up an enterprise to save more money. When the undertaking succeeds, I'm going to buy a villa(别墅) in the seaside and a car for my parents. I'll also travel the other parts of the world with my family, like Hawaii, San Francisco, Greece, Italy and Eygpt. One day, I will retire somewhere quiet and beautiful.    (指导教师: 赵鹏)